All activities in the church building are stopped until further notice. As always, when in doubt, contact the Ministry leader first.

Opportunities to Stay Digitally Connected

Stay connected with your Second Family by computer or by smart phone or not so smart phone (landline or other).  If you have a camera and microphone enabled phone or computer you can join the meetings listed below via video conferencing, we are using the technology called Zoom.  AND if you have a phone that does not have video, you can still call in to any of these meetings.  You will not have video, but you can hear the conversation and you can participate.  Each event has its own specific  date and  time, login and phone number to call.



Drive-In Worship Resumes Sunday, June 14, in the Church Parking Lot

Joing Us Sundays at 10:30 AM

Stream Live via Facebook or

Can’t Watch Live? Check out our home page for a recording of worship.

Musical Meetings (for secondkids)

Any Day of the Week, At Any Time, Complete Lessons as You Can

Musical Meetings is a weekly series of videos and activities designed to give you an exciting, behind the scenes look at how instruments work. Each week you can download the accompanying activities to do while watching the 15 minute videos. Submit them to to be entered to win cool prizes like instruments and private lessons.

Click Here for Lessons

Interfaith Dialogue as a Christian Spiritual Practice

Mondays at 11 AM

Led by Rev. Dr. Bruce Humphrey
Description: We are increasingly aware of diversity in our society. In the breakdown of polarized politics we can easily become uncomfortable, even defensive, interacting with neighbors who have different cultures, lifestyles, values, and beliefs.  This class will reflect on the Christian spiritual practices of listening, dialogue, humility, and generosity. Deeply rooted in a missionary understanding of the Holy Spirit As active beyond the church, we will reflect on how we discern God’s truth in unexpected places.
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Or Call:  +1 253 215 8782        +1 301 715 8592

Meeting ID: 874 1135 6770

Young Adult Small Group via Zoom

Wednesdays at 7 pm

Check the Young Adult Newsletter for the Zoom link or email Abby or Jordan Souder.