Program and Communications Coordinator

Preamble: The purpose of all staff positions is to help people build life-transforming relationships with God and other people through faith in Jesus Christ. Staff members are employed to help people know, love, and serve Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in their daily living.

General Position Description: The Program and Communications Coordinator (“Employee”) will carry out a ministry of discipleship by performing specific tasks related to helping children, youth, their families and young adults grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Note: The Children Youth and their Families Committee exists to give every child every chance to experience God. Our vision is to have every child youth and family experience God so deeply that they hold onto him forever.

Our values:

1.Names Matter: We believe in calling every child, youth, and family by name.

2.Intentionality: We will always be brave enough to ask: “Is this the most effective way to accomplish our mission?”

3.Invitation: We each have responsibility for finding ways to include our neighbors.

4.Unconditional Love and Acceptance: Everyone is included.

The role of this Staffer/Coordinator is primarily to support the efforts of the Associate Pastor for Children, Youth, Families, Young Adults and Innovative Worship and to help coordinate all activities of the CYF Committee and Young Adult Ministry. The Program and Communications Coordinator also provides support for certain church-wide activities related to these areas. This position handles many aspects of behind-the-scenes communication, administration, and logistical duties to support the Associate Pastor. The Staffer may also be called upon to participate in various ministries as an extension of their work.

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