Anxious to Talk About It

Let’s talk about this. Right now. This summer. While we stay mostly close to home, let’s open the walls of our hearts and talk about the racism that holds us captive.
The class will begin with a book study on Anxious To Talk About It with Cheryl Galan, Interim Executive Presbyter. It will offer a good starting point for conversations that seem compelling, even essential to our future. But we won’t stop there.
As we who identify as white do the work that is ours, it’s critical that we listen and learn from the perspectives and experiences of our black siblings. So, our conversation will include two presentations by the Rev. Dr. Gene Gordon, pastor at Capital Presbyterian Church, in Harrisburg. In one presentation, Gene will talk about the origins of the slave trade, drawing upon his recent travels to Ghana, with the 1619 project which re-examines the legacy of slavery. Gene’s second presentation will draw from his D.Min. work to help us consider how “Moral Injury” theory and black and womanist theologies provide tools for addressing the effects of racism. For those who struggle with the despair of hidden wounds, and who seek understanding and motivation for addressing wounds stemming from racism, Gene will engage us in considering the spiritual support we may offer, as people of faith.
In order to make these conversations as widely accessible as possible, we’re offering both day-time and evening options on Zoom. Pick morning or evening, or mix and match according to your schedule. Participation is open to anyone, across our congregations and communities. Here’s the schedule:

Email to let them know of your interest and preference of Wednesday evening or Thursday morning conversations and the presbytery will email you the appropriate Zoom invite information. You can order a copy of the book on Amazon. It’s also available in e-book format.