What is JAM?

Our weekly JAM experience is designed to grow children (pre-k-5th) into wholehearted adults by developing belief, behavior, and belonging. JAM is modeled through the Orange Strategy. You can read more about Orange here: https://start.orangekidmin.com/orange-strategy/

JAM is a three-part experience: Large Group, Small Group, and Home and lasts about 1.5 hours.

Part One: JAM Large Group starts the experience and lasts about 40-50 minutes.

  • JAM Large Group typically has three leaders: Host, Storyteller, and Worship Leader.
  • JAM large Group includes three parts:
  • SOCIAL TIME (Belonging): Children gather, spend time together, and interact with the Large Group Host and Worship Leader.
  • STORY TIME (Belief & Behavior): A Storyteller explains a Bible Story in a compelling way and prays.
  • WORSHIP TIME (Belief & Behavior): A Worship leader leads relevant songs of praise.

Part Two: JAM Small Group is about 30-40 minutes.

  • Participants then shift into a small group experience with their small group leaders.
  • SOCIAL TIME: (Belonging) Children transition to a small group experience with their small group leaders.
  • GROUPS: (Belief, Behavior, & Belonging) Children have the chance to create, explore, imagine, and reflect on the Bible story they have experienced in the large group gathering.

Part Three: JAM at Home

  • A follow-up to our JAM experience includes take-homes for kids and parents to connect on the content together in the week ahead. Parents will pick up these materials when they gather their kids.