Our Values

Following Christ is a lifelong commitment to


Followers of Jesus Christ never stop growing. John 15:1-11, 2 Peter 3:14-18.


Followers of Jesus Christ care for one another. Matthew 25:31-46, Acts 4:32-35.


Followers of Jesus Christ worship God in community. Psalm 100, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.


Followers of Christ serve God by serving others. Luke 10:25-37, James 1:27.

Second Church is moving forward by making Five Shifts in the way we do ministry:


We can’t do everything. We focus our energy on helping people grow, care, connect, and serve. By focusing, we shape followers of Christ who make a difference. Luke 10:38-42, Luke 12:31.

Sail with the Holy Spirit

We trust in the Spirit’s power over own steering and effort. Ephesians 3:21, John 14:12, Luke 1.

Move Outward

Second doesn’t exist solely for our members. Second exists for Carlisle and for the world. We are turning our church “inside-out”. Matthew 18:12-14, Acts 1:8, Luke 8:21-22.

Expect Transformation

God transforms individuals and communities. We work and watch for transformation. Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 2:5-7.

Think Forward

Our hope is not in today but eternity so we invest in the future of the church, the community, the world. Luke 14:28, Matthew 13:31-32, Philippians 1:6.