All activities in the church building are stopped until further notice. As always, when in doubt, contact the Ministry leader first.

Opportunities to Stay Digitally Connected

Stay connected with your Second Family by computer or by smart phone or not so smart phone (landline or other).  If you have a camera and microphone enabled phone or computer you can join the meetings listed below via video conferencing, we are using the technology called Zoom.  AND if you have a phone that does not have video, you can still call in to any of these meetings.  You will not have video, but you can hear the conversation and you can participate.  Each event has its own specific  date and  time, login and phone number to call.



Join Us Sundays at 10:30 AM, Drive In and Online

Stream Live via Facebook, YouTube, or

Can’t Watch Live? Check out our home page for a recording of worship.

JAM (Jesus And Me)

An In-Person or Online Zoom Experience for PreK-5th Grade. Every Sunday Morning at 9 AM.

JAM  is a weekly three-part experience: Large Group, Small Group, and Home and lasts about 1 hour. JAM will present our Orange curriculum in a fun and engaging way so that we can build belief, behavior, and belonging in our Second Kids.

Need the Zoom Link? Michele Nowell (

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Bible Bulletin

In today’s world where so much happens either quickly or not at all, how can church-people who feel pressed for time learn about the Bible? Bible Bulletin is an outstanding resource that you can use to provide significant amounts of Bible information in brief capsules. Written by Dale Bowne, members can sign up to receive these weekly bulletins in your personal email.

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