An Experiment in Multiplying God’s Blessings

One dollar doesn’t seem like a lot of money.  But in God’s hands a little can go a very long way.  

  • Remember how Jesus took a boy’s lunch and fed 5000 people with it?
  • Or how God enabled a broke widow to feed Elijah for many days on just one small jar of flour?
  • Or how Jesus took ordinary water and turned them into gallons of extraordinary wine?

The Bible is full of stories that demonstrate how God takes what we give and multiplies it for sacred purposes.

This year we are experimenting to see what God can do with us when we offer to build God’s kingdom by blessing the people around us.  Think of it as a modern experiment in divine multiplication.  

An anonymous donor from outside our Second Family heard what we are trying do and has contributed enough money to give a bit of money to every individual in our Second Family.  Just like in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-46), some people will get $1, some $2, and some $5.  

The money is a free gift.  You can buy a cup of coffee with it.  You can feast on the dollar menu at your local fast food joint.  You can hide it under your mattress.  

Or ….  you could use it to make the world a bit more like the kingdom of God. 

  • What if you took the dollar and bought a cup of coffee for a stranger? 
  • What if you bought a stamp and a postcard and sent a “Thinking of You” card to a neighbor who is grieving?  
  • What if your kids bought some muffin mix with it, baked the muffins, and brought them to the cleaning crew at the closest nursing home?
  • What if you told the people in your office that your congregation is conducting an experiment to see how far a dollar can go in blessing others.  Do you think they might match your dollar so that before you knew it you’d have more money than you could have imagined to donate to the cancer society, or the homeless person that everyone is concerned about, or the single mom down the hall who’s struggling to make it?

Be creative.  Pray about it, asking, “Lord, you entrusted this money to me to bless your people. Help me to see how I can build your Kingdom.”

Some people will want to take the money they received as part of the experiment and multiply it in some way.  For example, a few dollars can fund car wash supplies and, before you know it, you could raise a hundred dollars for an important cause.   In this sense, the money is multiplied twice: once in numerical terms and once in terms of blessed lives.  

Every act of kindness that we perform is sure to be multiplied many times over as God’s love flows from person to person to person. Be sure to tell people what you are doing. Trust me, they’ll want to join the experiment—and the fun of multiplying.  

This is a real-world experiment in Kingdom-building, teamwork, and risk-taking.  It will take some faith to enlist others in the experiment, bless a stranger, or to simply trust that God will multiply it somehow once it leaves our hands.

Let God guide you as you consider how to invest this gift.  If you can’t think of anything else to do with it, ask other people in your Second Family for ideas.*  The money is yours, and so is the decision.

If you’d be willing to tell us what you did with your dollar (i.e., how you “invested” it in some act of kindness), your story will inspire others as they decide how best to use their gift.  Just write down your story using the link below.  

We’d like to hear from as many people as possible by Sunday, October 6.

Thank you for being part of living out God’s love.

My Living Parable Experiment Story